Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fool

To clarify, the "fool" in the post title is most likely myself.

To my long-time readers: yes, Purple Soul is back. No, $5 Vampires is not going away, but it will remain on hiatus for the time being.

For new readers: hi!

Comicking isn't easy. Like any kind of creative act, it takes hard work, ambition, and the drive to produce constantly. I don't have any of those things. What I do have are a lot of crazy ideas and the self-imposed pressure that I should have started working on those ideas ten years ago. It's crazy, yes. It's not even unrealistic, it's impossible. Time travel is not a thing. And yet I sigh.

That kind of pressure has lead me to do some stupid things. The comics I've drawn in the past have been subjected to numerous format changes and reboots. Experimentation in artwork is completely acceptable and expected, but I'd never kept that spirit. I was changing and erasing my own work not because I thought I could make it better but because I thought I could make it right. That is a very bad feeling.

It's taken a lot of drama and strife to straighten these thoughts out, but my friends and readers and -- most of all -- my wife have helped me to realize that nobody cares if my work is perfect. They only care that I write it and draw it. So, here it is.

Not "finally." Not "at last." Just here it is.

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