Friday, 6 April 2012

Follow Friday: Beyond the Canopy

First Follow Friday! I'm taking the Twitter trend and applying it to the comics and blogs of the creators who excite my creative juices!

My first pick is Beyond the Canopy, a graphic novel by Jonathan Griffiths.

BtC has been running since 2009 and managed to fly under my cute/fantasy radar before now. The leaf-haired boy (Glenn) in the ad was enough to attract my attention and prove to me that ad-blocking software is not always my best friend. I was hooked from the first page: adorable black & white artwork, likeable characters, goofy and enigmatic villains, and an obvious love of Gameboy Advance adventure games.

So take the time, click the links. If you like my stuff, you'll probably like the same stories and comics that I do. Try Beyond the Canopy. It's cute and fun and I'm a little upset that I'm all caught-up.

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