Friday, 20 April 2012

Follow Friday: Orneyboy

For nigh-on ten years, Orneryboy has been trucking along and just this week hit strip #500!

Orneryboy stars the grim Ornery and his perky girlfriend, Dirtygirl. The comic itself can be described as a suburban sitcom set against a background of zombies, vampires, and assorted spooky ne'er-do-wells. The creator -- Michael Lalonde -- mixes a little Flash animation into the comic: sometimes subtle affectations, sometimes complete puzzles and interactive panels. The reason I like this comic is its meeting of the ghoulish and the adorable, my favourite genre mish-mash.

If you're not reading Orneryboy already, start today. It's the first comic I click to Monday morning and I've spent a few Friday afternoons re-reading the archive. Also: Canadian!

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