Friday, 13 April 2012

Follow Friday: Penultimate Quest

Follow Friday already? Yeesh, quick week.

This week's suggested reading material is Penultimate Quest over at the aptly-named

PQ is a short comic book-length feature at 24 pages -- Lars has just posted page 18 today -- but has managed to build a fantasy world with considerable depth. The scene is set on an island which plays home to a magical dungeon so deep that no-one's ever seen its bottom. Warriors and mages come from all over to fight the denizens within, spending their money on inns, weapons, and items in the village on the surface. They return to the dungeon again and again because death simply means re-spawning. Lars' use of card and video gaming references help to put together the story's background while he focuses on telling his characters' motivations, or lack thereof.

Quest is clever, funny and inspiringly inked. Yeah, it's gonna be a short one, but when you're done reading make sure you take in his previous work, the 3-volume North World. Absolutely one of my favourite comic series.

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