Friday, 4 May 2012

Follow Friday: Grab Bag

Hoo! It has been a long week, job-relatedly. Thank waffles it's Friday.

So, I like to post my FFs concerning comics which I've just begun reading or, in the case of Orneryboy, comics that are the most awesome. I haven't started reading anything new in the last week or so. I'm sure there's a bookmark lurking on my tablet somewhere. But where the heck is my tablet? Hm.

This week I'm gonna post a couple quick links to comics that I can't live without. Really really.

Bad Machinery - I've been reading John Allison since about halfway through Scary Go Round, which was toe-curlingly brilliant. That his third endeavour should focus on middle-schoolers solving spooky mysteries cleared my Christmas lists for the next few years.

Happle Tea - Scott Maynard takes you on a tour of the world's mythology and folklore (a favourite subject of mine) hosted by his avatar, Li'l K, and his friends Sasquatch, Cat-God, and a parliament of Dire Owls. I particularly look forward to his blogs, those blogs being a better education than I received in high school.

Reptilis Rex - I found Paul Southworth's Ugly Hill during its first week and I've been geeking-out on his comics ever since. I think Southworth has the best character designs in the business and his humour is mean and dark.

Sheldon - I'm pretty sure nobody knows how to a daily better than Dave Kellet. Between his archetypal characters and his love of graphs and charts, reading Sheldon is a joy every day. Plus, Balrog jokes. Done.

Sinfest - Pure comic strip. Beautiful artwork, character-driven arcs. Frankly, I hold Tatsuya Ishida up there with Schulz and Watterson. His inks have, at times, thrown me into a jealous rage.

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