Friday, 11 May 2012

Follow Friday: Little League

This weeks' Follow Friday is from Tumblr. Not using Tumblr? You may be missing out on a lot of slash-fic. But this here isn't slash-fic, it's Little League.

The adorable adventures of the Justice League. In kindergarten. Joy!

Yale Stewart accomplishes what the actual real DC Comics (he is neither employed nor endorsed by them; Little League is essentially fan-fic) pretty much never does. He's reduced the characters to icons, put them against a backdrop, and told stories based on personality interaction.

Perhaps I should explain my personal platform: I loathe DC Comics. The editors consistently put their franchise characters in increasingly dehumanizing roles, preferring to focus on ego-blown villains whose aspirations are so far-fetchedly galactic that any chance for actual storytelling or character development isn't even put on the back burner, but completely forgotten. That said, there have been good comics from DC, and not always one-shot stories like Batman: Year One or... um... Watchmen shouldn't really count towards their score. Anyway. Anything by Gail Simone is a winner.

Back to Little League. Charmingly drawn and presented lovingly by someone who couldn't possibly make a buck off of it. Follow his Tumblr and start reblogging!

Also, while you're doing that... maybe follow my Tumblr, too.

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