Friday, 10 August 2012

Follow Friday: Bored At Work Edition

It's only been a four-day work week for me, but OH MAN what a week. What follows are the comics discovered this week that kept from going loco in the coco.

Kiwi Blitz: anime-inspired crime-fighting bird mech piloted by a young German girl with an odd taste in fashion, created by the cubed-watermelon herself, Mary Cagle. Also features an adorable raccoon-themed burglar named "The Raccoon" who is so lovable that I didn't feel bad at all about throwing out a nearly-identical idea I'd had a few weeks ago.

Cucumber Quest: Gigi DG's beautifully rendered epic of comedy is clearly dripping in JRPG. Cucumber ("Cuco") is a would-be magic student who's forced into being a Legendary Hero by his parents, even though his little sister is obviously more cut-out for the job. So many moments of cackling interspliced by even-funnier jokes that had me choking.

Jailbird: black & white with a crap-ton of halftone, what's not to love? Oh, also: it's so cute. Jailbird is a silent comic, only 15 pages or so pages in, and heart-stealing. By Ashley Davis.

There's so much talent in these three comics that it boils my blood.

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