Friday, 24 August 2012

Follow Friday: Revisitation Edition

I've been reading A Softer World all week, which I've been meaning to tackle for ages. Frankly, I should've been reading it for years and I am ashamed of myself. The frequent photos of Victoria (my home town) make it an extra treat for me, and I've even seen people I recognize from my comic-book-store-days.

Let's revisit two comics today: Penultimate Quest (Lars Brown) and Little League (Yale Stewart.)

Lars Brown, a relatively quiet comicker these days, has returned with a new chapter on the tail of Penultimate Quest. It begins today! Or yesterday. Read it.

Yale Stewart's Little League has come under fire for use its title, of all things. Being the unlicensed kindergarten adventures of the Justice League, you'd think Stewart might draw the eye of DC's lawyers, but apparently this name-change is the the hand of baseball. Weird. The comic will continue, thank goodness, but under a new title, "JL8," which is also cute. If you haven't been reading Little League, start reading JL8 today.

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