Friday, 27 July 2012

Just Being Lazy

Just a note to say that I haven't abandoned ship. I know as a cartoonist that I can be "high flight risk," but this last week's radio silence was merely due to my catching up on sleep and doodling. I can't drop this site now, especially since it just qualified for ads via my good friends at Project Wonderful!

That's right, ads. I waffled about it for a while, but I determined that if I wasn't trying to sell ad-space I wasn't taking myself seriously as a cartoonist. This gig doesn't pay anything yet, and thank waffles it's cheap to run, but I would like it to see a profit some day. Maybe even, fingers crossed, something resembling a living wage. Can't hurt to dream, right? SO! If you happen to see anything in THAT ======> box that isn't Kinna looking like trouble, give it a click. It's all part of the plan. The plan that lets me sit at home in my pajamas drawing silly pictures.

ALSO: no big thing, but you could actually enable ads on this site. Cheers, thanks.

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