Friday, 3 August 2012

Follow Friday: Faith Erin Hicks

So, Follow Friday's back. Woo. This week's blog is about a comic that is currently on hiatus, so I'll also make it about its creator: Faith Erin Hicks.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl relates the charming pratfalls of a girl (with superpowers) trying to make it in the world as a superhero in a small town. Of course, SG's biggest problems aren't supervillains; they're smarmy onlookers, low-crime Canadian winters, and rent. And her older brother who is a much better superhero, despite being named "Kevin."

Superhero Girl is sadly on hiatus now. Sadly, because I only just discovered it. Boo. But you can read the whole thing online, and find links to everything else Hicks has done. I've read most of her stuff, my favourite being The War At Ellsmere. Her inks are rich and I would like to soak my feet in them.

Sorry that got weird.

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